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The online dating industry becomes more and more popular among singles across the globe. There are many platforms created to connect lonely people, helping them to overcome the language barrier and distance. All of them claim they`re effective and convenient. They offer a free joining, but prime perks are unlocked for free participants. These websites seem attractive, but not all of them operate correctly. When you don`t have much time to test every website seeming good, we`re ready to help you to choose the best one.

Who we are?

We`re the team of enthusiasts who have to spend a lot of time testing dating sites out to check their available options and determine their effectiveness. We`re genuinely interested in helping single men and women to find each other via websites. With the understanding that choosing the best service is the key to success, we do all our best to provide you actual and helpful information about top-rated sites. Faced with many scams in dating and now we want to help singles to find love and long-distance relationship. Honesty is our main principle. Picking the best sources on the web, we review every aspect very accurately. We rate sites on a 10-point scale and assign up to 5 stars. One star means 2 points in the rating.

How do we review?

Each popular site offers free access to the main functions. We register and test all the possible site`s features according to our main criteria. You don`t have to join each popular website to get acquainted with its functions and prices. Our team does this work instead of you. It`s the fastest way to figure out whether the website suits you. Find out the main features we check to get sure our reviews are worth your attention.


The first thing we pay attention to is the site`s design. It should have a simple structure and fast navigation. When the venue is easy in everyday use, the participants can focus only on dating and things they need.


Our team recommends only websites caring about the client`s privacy. We select only reliable portals that don`t users` private details with third parties. By joining them, visitors can use all the functions without a doubt.

Billing policy

High-quality and trustworthy services can`t be for free, but prices have to be affordable. The site`s participants can`t buy another person, but they can invest in communication functions, making their romance fascinating and smooth. We analyze the membership or credits pricing and calculate the total cost single can spend on a particular website.


Who can help a user when something goes wrong? Who will answer all his questions? More importantly, how much time does it take to get professional assistance? We always test the quality and availability of the support service.

Other reviews

Not to miss something essential, we read and learn experts` articles and real users` feedbacks. It helps to get certain we considered every essential feature. Also, it lets staying objective, providing our readers with only actual and genuine information can help them to make the right decision.

You’ll never know if you don’t try. No matter how many articles you read, they never give you the impression of what online dating really is. Seeing once is better than hearing twice. You may face numerous nuances on every platform, but if you choose one of the recommended, you`ll save a lot of energy and money. The websites we choose have short subscriptions and pleasant prices. Stop wasting your time on registering suspicious sites, read our reviews, and select the one suiting you the most!