What Makes German Women Hot In The Eyes Of Foreign Men?

Men are signing up on mail order bride sites trying to find single German women before they`re swooped up by other grooms. Guys are starting to realize how insanely appealing these European ladies are as wives, and you`re missing out by not jumping on the bandwagon. This article shows you why these females are worth your attention.

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What`s so unique about German mail order brides?

German girls aren`t like the other ladies of mainland Europe. Treat them as such, and you`ll never land one. Here`s what you should know about German girls.

German brides will keep you feeling young

Consider yourself a party animal and want a life partner who can keep up? Look no further with German girls, because they`ll give you a run for your money. It doesn`t matter if it`s clubbing, drinking, or karaoke, your sexy German girl will be by your side for it all. Just take a look at the Oktoberfest activities as an example.

German mail order brides

Beautiful German girls are plentiful

Look at any sector of the German workforce where women are employed, and you`ll notice all of them look like they came straight out of a Vogue magazine. Ladies like Heidi Klum and Lena Gercke further cement the stereotype that all German girls are gorgeous. With 97 males to 100 females, you won`t have any trouble finding lots of hot German mail order brides.

They get married at their own leisure

German girls don`t rush marriage. In fact, the average age of marriage is 32 years. This is partly because they want to be sure they`re bonding life with the right person. They`re also confident about finding matches because, unlike women from other countries, they don`t worry about their looks deteriorating. This isn`t being cocky, they`re simply blessed with genes to keep them looking young, which foreign men are particularly fond of.

Why do foreign men chase hot German women?

Granted they look amazing, but looks aren`t the only reason to marry foreign women. What`s beyond the superficial in German girls? Here are a few key characteristics.

They have an appealing personality

Although their sense of humor can often fall short, their hearts are always in the right place. They are extremely empathetic and often turn on their problem-solving side whenever you go to them just to rant about an issue you`re having.

They`re dedicated workers

The work ethic in Germany is rivaled by very few countries. This is carried on by the women even if they marry foreign men and move to other countries, and it even translates into their home life. Imagine what a heavenly life it would be to have a tirelessly dutiful wife, who is passionate about her job, and also loves to keep her family happy and healthy.


Dos and don`ts of dating beautiful German girls


  • Test the waters with humor. Germans tend to have a very down to earth and straightforward sense of humor. Some stereotypes are true!
  • Be curious about the cities. Germans get annoyed when the only major city you care about is Berlin. If you show curiosity to learn, they`ll be even more excited to show you around their hometown. Make that a date!


  • Make any sort of distasteful jokes pertaining to Nazis. Germans don`t treat this subject with humor.
  • Just because she`s German doesn`t mean you should go overboard with drinking. She`ll remember you as the guy who got embarrassingly drunk instead of the witty bachelor who wooed her off her feet.

German women are hot, but that`s not the only thing about being happy, right? In a marriage, a woman has to be the rock her husband can rely on. German brides are passionate about their love for you and make you feel valued. They certainly will make life much happier and more fulfilling. Set on your search to find your elusive German bride to be!