Getting A Brazilian Bride Or Girl: Are They Worth The Chase?

Brazilian women are well known all over the world. Pictures of these women at the Carnival are famous, and men everywhere wish they were born in Brazil. Wouldn`t it be nicer to bring a Brazilian lady to your home? Read on to get all the info you`ll need to figure out what`s important to Brazilian girls, as well as how to make them fall for you.

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What are beautiful Brazilian women like?

Brazilian women are often shown off in fashion and sports magazines as tanned bimbos, but they`re so much more than that. True, they`re beauty queens, but they`re also incredibly compassionate, as well as dedicated wives to their husbands. What else?

They`re beauty personified

Brazilian women pride themselves on their beauty. They go to long lengths to keep themselves in tiptop shape. Constant exercise at the gym, makeup, keeping up with the latest fashion is all the bare minimum in their eyes. While this can seem superficial in your eyes, you benefit from your foreign wife taking care of herself, when she looks young even after she`s grown old with you.

Brazilian women

They`re talented dancers

If you`ve seen the women at the Carnival, you know how these ladies can move. They can tell whole stories with the rhythmic movement of their bodies. It`s the land of Samba, Capoeira, Jongo, and Forro, so how could these gorgeous ladies not be so well versed in the art of dancing?

Why do hot Brazilian girls choose to find husbands abroad?

Brazilian women are bombshells, and they`re certainly desired within their country. But why do they become mail order brides and try to find a suitable husband in foreign countries instead of their homeland? Maybe these points will give you a bit of insight.

To find sensible men

Brazilian grooms have been raised to behave in an extremely “testosterone-fueled” manner. This makes them act out violently when faced with insecurity, which is often taken out on the women. The ladies frequently suffer through abuse and inequality. Why should they bother with that, when they could instead find a man who will treat them better abroad?

To move out of Brazil

Aside from being wrought with inequality, Brazil also has a lower standard of living compared to other Western countries: it ranked 70th on the Legatum Prosperity Index, compared to the US`s 18th. If a girl can find a husband abroad, she`s caught two birds with one stone. She`s found the love of her life, and she can move to a better country where she can have a better life.

Brazilian lady

To find a better income source

Living in Brazil, women are paid much less despite having education equal to that of men. Why would they bother finding jobs in Brazil, when they can instead marry a man abroad and find a higher paying job there too?

Dos and don`ts of dating sexy Brazilian women


  • Pay the bill for dates. Latin countries prefer the man paying the bill on the first few dates. Once it`s understood the man is serious about being with the girl, she`ll start chipping in for dates too.
  • Appreciate the physical contact. Brazilians are a very “hands-on” sort of community. You`ll find the ladies touching your hands and shoulders, as well as often dancing very close to you. It`s nothing to be intimidated by, but at the same time, don`t push too far ahead with it.


  • Expect sex right off the bat. Even though Brazilian girls are very touchy-feely, that doesn`t mean they`ll sleep with you on the first date. It`s better to play it safe and act the gentleman, instead of throwing it all away in the hopes of some quick action.
  • Complain about waiting around. In Brazil, it`s considered socially polite to be late by around 15 minutes.

Brazilian women command attention wherever they go with their stunning looks, charming personalities, and mesmerizing eyes. Imagine spending the rest of your life with a supermodel, raising your children together, living in perfect harmony. Sounds good? Start your search for a Brazilian bride then.