Why Are Hot Irish Mail Order Brides & Women So Attractive?

When you think of sexy Irish girls, the image evoked is provocative. Women like Caitriona Balfe and Evanna Lynch are unrivaled beauties. They`re not just ladies of good looks through. What man could pass up on the chance of spending forever with a stunning Irish beauty they are emotionally, spiritually, and physically compatible with?

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What do Irish women look like?

The saying love at first sight exists for a reason, and hot Irish mail orders brides might be that reason. Women of Ireland have light, ruddy skin and light-colored eyes. When people talk about these European women, the image that pops into your head is one of a green-eyed girl, with freckles and fiery red hair. They have skin tones that can range from extremely pale all the way to olive. Though ginger hair is the most iconic, you`ll also see ladies with blond and even dark brown hair.

Irish Brides

What are the general characteristics of hot Irish women?

You could say Irish women are beautiful, honest, and dedicated to their families. Then again, you could say that for women from just about every country. You want to know what`s special about Irish girls, the things which make foreign men desire them so. There`s so much more to them than just physical beauty, so let`s take a look!

They don`t rush marriage

Irish women won`t dive into marriage unless they`re certain they`ve met the one. If that means waiting till they`re in their 30s, it`s a small price to pay for happiness. Since the average age of the Irish bride is 34.4 years, it`s safe to assume they prefer older, more mature men as well. They`re sensible and go for men who are emotionally adjusted, financially stable and know how to raise a family. That`s why the divorce rate in Ireland is so low, less than 1 in every 1000 to be exact. With a woman that sensible, married life is bound to be blissful.

They love banter

It`s safe to say Ireland`s national pastime is hanging out at bars and bantering with your mates. Women and men alike frequent pubs to talk about their days and general events, and your sexy Irish mail order bride will be no different. You want to win the heart of your foreign bride, you need to be able to keep up with her wit. Take her to a pub, talk about whatever that comes across your mind, but try not to mention Riverdance, IRA, or Bono. You don`t want to be too predictable, right?

They go one of two ways with religion

Ireland is extremely religious, with over 84.6% of the population being Christian. The hot Irish women you intend to marry could be either this way religious or atheist. There are few moderates in between, so you need to figure out which end of the scale your love interest is on, and see if it matches you.

Irish lady

They`re strong and independent

Most modern Irish women are feminists and know they`re capable of taking care of themselves. Besides taking their time to get married, they educate themselves and build respectable careers. They never squander an opportunity for growth, and make sure their family, including their future husband, do the same.

What are the Dos and Don`ts of dating hot sexy Irish women?


  • Learn how to brew up her favorite teas.
  • Buy her a round, and accept the drinks she buys for you.
  • Offer to carry her high heels when she inevitably takes them off.


  • Joke about dark parts of Irish history like the Potato Famine and the IRA.
  • Think she`s okay if she says she`s “grand”. It`s sarcasm.
  • Drink too much and get wasted.

Sexy Irish women are worth the chase, agree?

Hot Irish ladies are more than just pretty faces to look at. They embrace their sexualities and stay in control of their personal growth. They`re gorgeous and know how to keep a man happy, without demeaning themselves. They`re respectable as wives and as independent women. Isn`t that what you`d want from your wife? Talk to some Irish ladies, and you`ll learn this yourself.