Sexy Polish Brides & Girls: Revealing The Reasons To Marry Or Dating Them

Marrying someone from Eastern Europe is a trend as ladies born there are considered the most beautiful ones. None would argue that looking at world-famous models like Anja Rubik who`s originated from Poland. Her magnetic eyes charm you the first moment you see her. The same happens when you meet the majority of hot Polish women. What do they have inside? Let`s try to discover it further.

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Why hot Polish women become mail order brides?

Poland is a prosperous European country that takes care of old traditions and history and keeps up with the modern pace in development. Why would any local woman desire to move and settle in with a foreigner? Here`s why.

  • Abortion ban. The Government is proceeding with the law that forbids women abortions except for cases of getting pregnant by rape or serious diseases of a future child. Local females want to take responsibility for their lives and make such crucial decisions without government involvement. It`s not about a desire to make abortions, it`s about the right to live their life as they desire. They see pure discrimination in such laws and aren`t going to agree on such terms.
  • Life expectancy difference. Women in Poland live 7 years longer than men on average. Choosing husbands, Polish brides would prefer those who take care about their health more and might live a long life.
  • Polluted air. Surprisingly, such a green country as Poland suffers from air pollution and is considered a one of the most polluted in Europe. Citizens determine it`s as the main problem country faces. Even if it`s not a big issue right now, Polish mail order brides already think about their kids` future and prefer to look for a better environment for their upbringing.
Polish women

What are sexy Polish women like?

They`re beautiful like any European lady, but what`s special about them?


The majority of Polish are extremely religious and believe in God. About 47% of them visit a church on a regular basis, while 37% are irregular churchgoers who still have God in their hearts. The fact Pope John Paul II was Polish only proves that fact.


Asking your sexy Polish girl “how are you?”, you won`t get a simple OK if it`s not the way she feels now. The Polish are sincere and won`t pretend they`re satisfied with life if they`re not. She`ll tell you about noisy neighbors that ruined her sleep and a rude taxi driver who had a bad day.


Historical events taught Polish to survive under any circumstances. With such a lady you`ll always have a friend to talk to and a loyal supporter. If you`re going through hardships, she`ll find the solution anyway and stay positive no matter what.

Polish lady

Things to remember while dating a beautiful Polish girl

  • Kiss her hand. This old chivalry gesture is still a thing in Poland.
  • Celebrate her name day. For some locals, their name day is even the bigger holiday than Birthday.
  • Don`t wear a hat indoors. Generally, the Polish consider it`s rude, but the younger generation may close their eyes on that.
  • Don`t make jokes about Jews. It`s a very painful spot in Polish history.
  • Better don`t try speaking Polish if you`re bad at it. It`s one of the hardest languages to learn. She`ll understand if you won`t torture yourself trying to talk Polish.

Stunning beauty, the best lover, and a supportive friend. Is this how you imagine your future wife? Polish mail order brides might give you all of that if you don`t hesitate to woo them. A journey starts with a single step. So make it!