Sexy Slovakian Girls Dating: Top Facts And Best Tips

‌Slovakian girls are hot and tempting for foreign men. They have attractive appearances, curvy bodies, acuity of mind. Relationships with them are full of positive feelings and affection. Western men choose these ladies for dating and marriage. You`ll find more reasons for such a decision below. Keep reading.

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Top facts about Slovakian hot girls

‌Slovakia, or more officially, the Slovak Republic, is located in the heart of Europe, in its center. It`s surrounded by Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary. The neighboring cultures and histories are so different in many ways that Slovakia has, to some extent, absorbed a lot from each of them, and now, unique people live there.

They correspond to modern beauty standards

Of course, beauty standards vary excessively depending on each country and culture. But if talking about the West and the tendencies that were introduced there years ago, the criteria of what a beautiful woman is are the following — blue eyes, blonde hair, fair skin, fit body. You might not agree with that, but that`s what lots of men like. And that`s why Slovakian girls are so popular among foreign guys — they`re born with a physical description like that.

Slovakian Brides

They have good genes

Slovakia is famous for being a motherland for lots of parents or grandparents of famous people. For example, Angelina Jolie`s grandfather, Audrey Hepburn`s grandmother, Jon Bon Jovi`s grandmother, and many more. Lots of locals are proud of so many great personalities that have roots in Slovakia.

What are sexy Slovakian women like?

‌They`re various. But these are the main reasons to date a woman from Slovakia:

  • They prefer to look natural. Simple and elegant work for Slovakian women perfectly well. They don`t dress in tight sexy outfits to attract attention, no matter if it`s a date or a walk with a friend. Furthermore, they feel absolutely gorgeous with little or no make-up.
  • They prefer constructive talk to arguments. Slovakian women are mature and well-educated. They see no point in making scenes and scandals. They know crying and hysterics won`t help too when there`s a problem in a relationship. Likewise, they`re like good psychologists — always know what to say and when to keep silent.
  • They`re quite religious. Especially in comparison with Western Europe. Their official religion is Christianity. Over 60% of locals belong to the Latin Church. Many go to churches on Sundays, celebrate Easter following all the traditions, and believe that spirituality is an essential part of life.
Slovakian women

Tips for dating hot Slovakian women

‌Stick to the recommendations below to make sure you do everything right while dating a woman from Slovakia.

  • Avoid certain topics. First, don`t ask questions like “How do you survive here when prices are higher than in the rest of Western Europe?” That`s a painful issue for all Slovaks. Second, never discuss or blame them for not accepting the European Union decisions (like immigration policy). This is a delicate topic for locals too.
  • Don`t compare them with Czechs. The Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic used to be one country. Unfortunately, people in Slovakia believe they were always looked upon as a small brother or a small sister. Once they gained their independence, they still feel sensitive about every comparison people make about them and their neighbors.
  • Don`t mistake Slovakia for Slovenia. Yeah, the names are similar and foreigners get confused and think it`s an innocent mistake, but locals get offended. Who`d like it, anyway? Slovenia and Slovakia are 2 different countries with their own cultures and history.
  • Take your shoes off. Every time you go to somebody`s house in Slovakia, don`t forget to take off your shoes. It`s a must and considered as self-evident. While in some other countries the tradition is the opposite and it`s rude to ask your guests to take off their shoes, it`s normal in Slovakia.

‌It`s impossible to resist hot Slovakian girls. On the one hand, they have everything to build mature relationships — they`re educated, well-mannered, have an irreproachable style, and never let you feel bad because of their behavior. On the other hand, it`s extremely fun with them. They`re easy-going and friendly. Anyone can find a common language with them. Isn`t that what you`re looking for in a future wife?