Why Are Foreign Men Favoring The Sexiest Russian Brides & Women?

Sexy Russian women are a sight to behold, and there are millions of them. Anyone who`s been to Russia will tell you how they met hundreds of 10s every time they walked down the street. It`s no wonder it`s hard to become a famous model in Russia, since nearly every face on the street is model-worthy, and you could end up married to the best among them.

What do these Russian sexy brides look like?

No man wants to marry a woman he`s not physically attracted to. You might be best friends, but there has to be some magic in the bedroom to keep the relationship alive. Ever heard of women like Irina Shayk, Vitalia Diatchenko, and Elena Radionova? These women are poster girls of an unrivaled Russian beauty. Sharp facial features with piercing eyes and pixie cuts or long, flowing hair, the looks the sexiest Russian brides rock are all over the spectrum. The only common factor is they`re all breathtaking.

Russian Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites 2021

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Some basic facts about hot Russian mail order brides

You`ve heard these Slavic girls are ravishing creatures, but did you wonder why so many of them marry foreigners? Facing an unfavorable gender ratio of 86.8 men per 100 women, Russian ladies are taking this chance to become mail-order brides to find their dream man. The alternative is to be stuck in Russia with no significant other to love them. You know they`re gorgeous, but would they make good wives? Would they be compatible with your type of home life? If the following characteristics are appealing to you, they will:

Russian Brides

They embrace gender roles

Russia is still a very patriarchal country, and a majority of women embrace the gender roles that come with it. Women often get married and have children young, and the maternal instinct comes naturally to hot Russian brides. If you decide to settle down and raise a family, she`ll immediately gravitate to the motherly roles of the house. Raising the kids, cooking food for you by the time you get home from work, keeping the house spick and span are tasks she`ll easily and eagerly take up.

They move quick in relationships

Russians like to advance their relationships quickly. They don`t spend time with flings, so if they`re getting comfortable with you, it means they think you have a chance for the happily ever after with them. The average age of marriage in Russia is 25, though it used to be lower a decade ago. Moreover, women who don`t have children and are unmarried past 30 are judged. These sexy Russian brides won`t date you unless they`re sure you`re serious about them, so act the part.

They adore chivalry

Feminism has taken its roots in Russia, so women will try and fight you to pay the bill when the time comes. Don`t let this fool you though, they still appreciate appropriate amounts of chivalry in the right doses. Insisting on paying the bill, showing up at her door with flowers, opening doors, and pulling chairs out will go a long way to soften her heart up towards you.

Russian woman

They love traditional macho men

A strong man who knows what he wants makes hot Russian women fall in love with him. If you know how to do home upkeep and work with tools, you`ll fit the bold Russian stereotype of men, and Russian girls go wild for foreign men who can do that.

What are the Dos and Don`ts of dating the sexiest Russian brides?


  • Pay the bill on dates.
  • Show trust. Jealousy will quickly push Russian girls away from you.
  • Learn how to make traditional Russian foods like pelmeni, varenniki, pirog, and borscht to make her fall head over heels for you.


  • Assume she`s getting married quickly for a green card. They`re upfront about their intentions, so don`t show suspicion for no reason.
  • Assume she`s a gold digger. It`s traditional for men to foot the bill in Russia, she`ll compensate you in other ways.
  • Mock her taking time to dress up and put on makeup. She does that for you.

Are they truly the best wives?

Hot Russian girls aren`t in short supply, but men all over the world are beginning to realize what a treasure they are. Their seductive physical beauty coupled with unmatched motherly instincts and compassion for their husbands makes them wives of the highest order. What kind of man could ever be unhappy with a wife like that? You`ll experience this joy when you finally meet a sexy Russian bride yourself. Don`t hesitate to make the first step!