What Makes Filipino Women So Hot And Desired For Westerners?

Why are foreign men obsessed with Filipino girls so much? Guys take “business trips” to the Philippines just to spend time with them, but there has to be more to it. Turns out, there`s a lot more than meets the eye. These women for marriage are pretty, but that`s not the only upside to marrying them.

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Why do men prefer Filipino brides?

Filipino women are delicate beings who bring light and joy to the men who marry them. Being wonderful mothers and having a flair for the home life is a given. But what are the specifics?

Emphasis on family life

Beautiful Asian women have been raised on gender norms, and they accept that as a way of life. Ladies are taught to care for the men of the house. Children`s upbringing and showing motherly instinct become second nature for them. This also means their husband comes first and foremost at home. Whether it be home-cooked meals waiting for you after a day at work or a shoulder to lean on, your Filipino bride will be the rock you can always rely on.

Filipino brides

Exotic looks

Hot Filipino women come in many looks. The only constant is they all look incredibly sexy. You`ll find many of them have petite frames, luscious lips, and tanned skin. While most Filipino girls are of short stature, there are a few long-legged beauties as well.

Culinary art

Filipino food is nothing to turn yourself away from. The women of the Philippines grew up being groomed to become the best wives they could be. That meant learning to cook the most fabulous Pinay dishes the country has. Unique delicacies like bulalo, which is a hot soup made from Batangas beef and dobo will become a mainstay in your home. Foods you would only see in a restaurant will be a daily occurrence on your dinner table. Who wouldn`t love a wife like that?

Loyalty to traditions

Sexy Filipino women love to celebrate the traditional festivals of their nation. If you shack up with a Filipino girl, get used to celebrating festivals like Tuna and Sinulog. They do come with benefits to you. You`ll get to watch your beloved adorned in her traditional clothing, the Baro`t Saya.

Filipino woman

Dos and don`ts of dating a Filipino bride


  • Treat your relationship seriously. Considering your bond lightheartedly will make her believe you don`t see a future with her, and she`ll jump ship.
  • Force yourself to eat their spicy foods. Filipinos get offended when you don`t eat the food they offer you.
  • Encourage celebrating their holidays and festivals. They`ll feel happy you`re considerate and think of you that much more a part of their family.


  • Mock their time sense. For social engagements, it`s considered rude to arrive on time. Instead, people will rather arrive around half an hour late.
  • Make fun of their English. Filipino women speak English quite well, they just happen to have an accent. Pointing out their accent negatively will drive them away from you.

Filipino women are the ultimate homemakers. You want a woman who you can trust to be by your side through thick and thin. Filipino girls provide just that, along with the qualities desired for the perfect mother. They`re also bonafide cooks and look stunning. With a woman like this by your side, you`d be happy even with the rest of the world against you. Don`t hesitate to begin the search for your Filipino bride and sign up for a Filipino mail-order bride site.