Sexy Latvian Women: The Short Guide To Latvian Female Soul

Latvian women are beautiful, no doubt. But is there anything more than that? What makes foreign grooms seek these foreign beauties despite the distance and possible cultural differences? This detailed article aims to shed the light on what the true Latvian bride is like.

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Why hot Latvian girls become mail order brides?

Latvia isn`t the poor country locals desire to escape. The life there is comfortable and quite enjoyable. Why would a Latvian girl want to marry a foreigner then? This is why:

  • Male life expectancy. The difference between male and female life expectancy in Latvia is about 10 years! Men live till 70 on average, while women reach almost 80. This is mainly because of health problems men face due to their refusal to deal with doctors on a regular preventive basis. Latvian ladies don`t desire to end up alone at the end of their life.
  • Alcohol consumption and further domestic violence. Latvians isn`t the most drinking nation in the world. But the culture of having a bottle of beer after work leads to 11.54% of male alcoholics. Too often a drunk husband strives to prove his dominance in the house and chooses a force demonstration for that. Would you desire to create a family with a local if there would be a risk to be beaten and humiliated?
  • Gambling addiction. About 6% of Latvians suffer gambling problems. While the percentage of heavy gamblers doesn`t seem too high yet, local ladies still refuse to bond their future with men who don`t have enough will to fight their demons and take care of their family first.
Latvian girls

What are hot Latvian brides like?

A genuine Latvian lady — who is she?

Friendly and ready to help

Though Latvia is a country of post Soviet Union, locals aren`t that cold and unemotional you`d think of them. Latvians now are more like Europeans who always meet you with a smile and don`t hesitate to offer a hand when you`re in need. Moreover, many citizens speak at least 3 languages: Latvian, Russian, and English. So you won`t face trouble as a foreigner there.

Close to nature

Latvia is in the world top 10 greenest countries. It concerns the picturesque nature this land is proud of and the way government takes care of it. Locals love spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of their state.

Beautiful enough to become models

Latvia is one of the countries producing the biggest number of models. Looking at world-famous faces like Ginta Lapina and Ingūna Butāne you understand why.

Latvian lady

What can a Latvian bride bring to your life?

  • Balsam. Riga black balsam is a popular alcoholic drink. It`s made with various herbs and plants and reminds a Jägermeister a bit. Latvians believe it even cures of flu and many other diseases.
  • Picnics. Being so close to mother nature, Latvians often go on picnics no matter the reason. It might be a national holiday or just a weekend. So, always find the time to connect to nature together with your Latvian wife.
  • Traditional food. Speck, bread soup, kvass, and many other dishes are going to frequent your dinner table.
  • Beer. Locals love beer and your hot Latvian girl won`t refuse a bottle from time to time. Have you ever been in the beer SPA? Yes, Latvians have it, so you might get a chance to try.
  • Fast internet. Thinking of Latvia as a third-world country you`ll be mistaken. Its internet speed is as fast as in the USA and is ranked 16 in the world list. So visiting her parents or choosing Latvia as a country to settle in you have nothing to worry about.

Marriage to a Latvian mail order bride brings not only a happy but also adventurous life. She`ll teach you how to get back to your roots and will take care of your family`s comfort. Isn`t this exactly what a dream wife would do?