Beautiful Slavic Girls And Things You Didn`t Know About Them

Slavic women are super hot and beautiful. They`re one of the most popular brides among Western men. For many reasons, guys from Europe and America adore and worship girls from countries like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc. What are those reasons? And why do girls date foreigners with great pleasure? Read below.

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What are hot Slavic brides like?

Western men admire sexy mail order brides from Slavic countries. Why?


It might be a thrice-told fact, but beauty is really one of the most important factors why Western men choose Slavic girls for dating. Countries like Ukraine and Russia are always on top of the most attractive women lists. Why? The major reason is girls` attitude to their appearance. They`re famous for always looking like a million dollars — flawless makeup and hairstyle, high heels, feminine outfits.

Slavic brides


You`ve probably heard about home parties and family meetings in Slavic countries. It`s hardly possible you can meet so hospitable women somewhere else. Slavic girls do their best and cook the most yummy dishes, make the home crystal clean, and host the most hearty home dinners. If you ever have luck to be a guest at such a party, you`ll enjoy it tremendously (all foreigners do).


Another prominent quality of almost all Slavic women is their loving and caring nature. Seems like women that come from countries of the former Soviet Union are used to care about everyone and everything — children, parents, husband, the whole family including all forty-second cousins, household, neighbors, job, etc. It`s if they remember about every detail and want to share their love and attention with everyone who needs it. Thus, you can be sure, marrying a Slavic girl would mean you and your family would be cared about.

Why do sexy Slavic girls become mail order brides?

Here are the most common reasons for Slavic girls to choose a foreign husband and move away.

Bad economic situation

It`s no secret a lot of Slavic countries are quite poor and people struggle and live a hand-to-mouth existence. For instance, in Russia the monthly minimum wage is about $200. Almost 18% of its population lives under the poverty line. At the same time, Russia is tenth in the world by the number of people whose wealth exceeds 30 million dollars. All because of corruption problems. Similar problems exist in all Slavic regions.

Domestic violence

There are different types of violence like physical or sexual abuse, emotional intimidation, threats or economic harm. Women from Slavic countries suffer from all of that. There are some improvements implemented step-by-step. For example, domestic violence has been criminalized in Ukraine. However, it`s not the same in Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. And even the laws are passed, they often don`t mean anything, so women strive to marry husbands to feel safe with.

Slavic woman

Top stereotypes about hot Slavic girls

Stereotypes are definitely generalizations, but they exist for a reason. So what`s really true and what`s not about Slavic women?

  • Myth #1: They want to marry until they`re 25. This was determined by history that women had to marry at a younger age as they depended on the men. They couldn`t work and earn money. They were expected to raise children. Unfortunately, such a belief is still alive today and lots of modern women suffer from it. However, it`s not always true today. Girls make a decision to marry a man keeping in mind their feelings, not their age.
  • Myth #2: They`re gold-diggers. Another popular opinion about Slavic women is they hunt for rich husbands. Is that true? Well, not exactly. In fact, gold-diggers live in all countries on Earth. It`s not a feature that`s peculiar to certain nations. It depends on a certain woman. To speak fairly, Slavic girls really need a financially stable man, but it doesn`t mean he has to be extremely wealthy and give them costly presents. But being a provider is important.

Your life with a sexy Slavic woman

Do you want to marry a Slavic girl even more now? Thousands of men have already done that and feel absolutely happy in their international marriages. Why don`t you try? Girls from countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia and others are open to dating foreigners. They wait for a guy like you online. Just make the first step!