In this article, we will see together the different strategies that exist for dating an Italian bride. We don’t pretend to be the best at it, but our techniques have proven successful in the past with many men.

If you have no idea how to go about it at all, then you have come to the right place to find out how the seduction of foreign brides goes in Italy.

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The mentality of Italian brides towards seduction

Italy is still a very religious country, due to the presence of the Pope in Rome within the Vatican. Catholic traditions in the country are highly respected by a majority of Italians. However, this does not mean that Italian bride have a closed mentality about flirting, flirting or dealing with strangers.

Italian youth are also rather open on the issue. And if in addition she lives in the city, she will have more or less the same mentality as Western youth. On the other hand, as soon as you get out of the cities and talk to older women, things are different. People get quite closed and it is difficult to be successful in dating a woman.

Italian girls also have a strong taste for French culture. If for a French-speaking person the language of love is generally Italian, for Italians it is French. By speaking this language and targeting the right people, it won’t be difficult to please an Italian girl.

The women in the country are also pretty hot-blooded. They tend to talk a lot and very quickly. The whole thing will also be accompanied by the typical Italian body language, which is far from being a cliché.

Hot Italian Women

How to win the heart of an Italian girl?

To seduce an Italian girl, you will first have to choose women who will be willing to be picked on. Don’t waste your time with overly religious or overly traditionalist women. Of course, if you fall in love with one of them, you can give it a try. But in this case, be prepared to wait a long time before you can successfully conclude with her.

If you are more interested in having fun relationships with hot Italian brides, you will need to go to places where the girls go to relax. Avoid street dating, as the girl will have been approached by people other than you before. You will then pass for yet another idiot and you will be thrown unceremoniously.

Instead, go to bars or nightclubs. If possible places where there are not too many tourists, so that you are a bit of a rare gem. If you have the opportunity, also try to participate in French-speaking events. Many hot Italian women go to this kind of event to possibly get to know a French-speaking person better.

Finally, remember to dress properly. If you are in northern Italy, in Milan or Turin for example, you notice that all people have a certain style of dress. If you do task beside them, you might as well be telling yourself that you are going to appear for the redneck no girl will want to meet.

In case you go to the South or to Sicily things will be different. Most Italians dress anyhow. There, the norm is more to be a redneck than to be elegant. If you pull out all the stops by just dressing up with a shirt, you will already look much more attractive than them.

Activities enjoyed by girls in Italy

Fashion is an institution for girls in Italy. And that is not lost on most mail order brides. For them, it is important to always dress well, because it is part of their culture. They will therefore particularly adore fashion shows or exhibitions related to this theme.

Italian gastronomy is also world famous. And this is naturally reflected in the eating habits of women. It will be difficult for you to be able to impress a girl by trying to take her to an exceptional restaurant.

Also, Italian brides appreciate simple things like other Western women. We can cite restaurants with girlfriends, going to the cinema, having drinks with friends, etc.

What not to do with a bride in Italy

If you want to pick up a woman in Italy, it is important not to mention and do certain things. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to absolutely avoid:

Do not talk to him while gesturing with your hands to make fun of you Italians. In the country, it is normal for most people to express themselves in this way.

The pasta comes from Italy. However, this is not the country in Europe where people eat it the most. So avoid the clichés about the fact that all Italians eat pasta all the time.

Pizza with pineapples. For an Italian person, putting pineapples on a pizza is a sacrilege. So never eat pineapple pizza if you’re with an Italian girl you want to seduce.

The Mafia. Even though Italy is a very mafia country, it is not something that people in the country accept. For them, the Mafia simply does not exist and therefore it is not worth talking about.

Toto Cutugno, Eros Ramazzotti and the other Italian singers known outside the country. In the country, they are not necessarily the biggest stars. Besides, they are old singers. Speaking of these people, you are most likely to sound out of date.

Rocco Siffredi, the Italian stallion. Whenever possible, avoid bringing this porn actor into a conversation with a girl you are dating. You’re mostly going to go through someone obsessed with sex and the girls in the country don’t really like it.

Getting married to an Italian bride

Do you love an Italian woman so much that you want to marry her? Or are you looking for a girl from Italy to contract a marriage with? In any case, you shouldn’t take things lightly if you want an Italian bride.

The institution of marriage is still very sacred in the country. And if you want to marry an Italian who lives abroad, she will most likely still be reluctant to get married too soon. Even though she seems quite open-minded, her parents or grandparents probably instilled in her that marriage is something sacred.

Also, if things go wrong after a marital union, divorce issues can be significant, especially if your Italian wife comes from a remote part of Italy. A marriage is supposed to last for life in the country. Don’t get married too quickly. Think carefully before marrying an Italian girl, as the country still remains very attached to its Catholic traditions.

Where to meet beautiful Italian brides to seduce?

Over the past 100 years, Italians have spread to all French-speaking European countries, North America, Brazil and Argentina. We can therefore find beautiful hot Italian brides to seduce very easily in these different countries, even if some will have only origins in Italy and not nationality.

Unfortunately, over the years, these European women have lost their Italian culture and have assimilated perfectly with the people of the host country. So we can no longer really speak of Italian people in such conditions.

If you want to meet “real” Italians, you will have to go to Italy. This will allow you to find yourself in the midst of many people of that nationality. Once in the country, you are free to choose how to meet sexy Italian women. Just avoid street dragging, as it will not work in the country. Instead, prefer bars, nightclubs or French-speaking meetings.

However, you may not have the option or the inclination to travel to Italy. This is a shame, because you won’t be able to fully enjoy the local food or culture, but if that isn’t possible for you, you’ll have to live with it.

In this case, there will be only one very practical option left for dating Italian women: internet.

Meet an Italian bride on a dating site

So here is our list of tips to help you date Italian brides. We hope these are useful for you and allow you to successfully date girls from Italy.

While our suggestions will help you seduce girls in Italy, it will always be best if you get to know the woman you want to date more in depth. Indeed, if you know what pleases him, you will be able to more easily make sure to fill it. The directions you give yourself here should only be used when you don’t have much information about the Italian bride you are trying to seduce.

French culture is generally well appreciated by Italian girls. However, there may be some Italian guys who are jealous of you. So always try to be nice to men in Italy as well. This may in certain situations save you from unnecessary trouble.

Whether your goal is to sleep with an Italian, to have a serious girlfriend or to marry one, we wish you good luck and hope that you will succeed in finding one (or more) girl (s) who will happen to please you.