What You Should Know About Sexy Greek Girls

Greece is one of the most picturesque countries everyone dreams of visiting. Local European women complement wonderful landscapes so harmoniously. Still, an attractive appearance isn`t their only virtue. You`ll be amazed with their big hearts and versatile personalities.

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True image of Greek mail order brides

Each girl is special in her own way, but there`re some common traits that are inherited from ancestors.


No one would question the attractiveness of hot Greek women. Their appearance is unique, not like in any other nation. These Mediterranean beauties for marriage mesmerize men from all over the world with soft skin with alluring olive tan, deep sparkling eyes, and sick curly hair. There`re no skinny, no overweight ladies. If you`re fond of sexy curved bodies, don`t even try to find somebody more appropriate for your taste. Looking at such a cutie, you`ll feel the nice sea breeze and warm sun of the amazing Greek coast.

Greek brides


Except for unique Mediterranean beauty, girls from Greece are intelligent and smart. Such a combination of traits makes them more desired for males, as the last ones dream about not only pretty but also interesting ladies who can find a good conversation topic, listen to their ideas, support, and surprise with extensive knowledge. Actually, these women are extremely good at it, as self-development is one of their main priorities. They never stop studying and gaining new knowledge.


In addition to other virtues, Greek hot girls are highly moral. Faithfulness, sense of duty, responsibility for actions aren`t just fine words but rather life principles that came from the early years of society. There`s a specific national concept “philotimo” which represents the idea that can`t be fully described in English. It`s a compulsion to do the right things even if it presupposes some discomfort. Women don`t mind doing something for others beyond their own self-interest, and it`s not considered a weakness.


Maybe the reason is southern temperament, or it`s held in gens, but the stereotype about passionate Greek mail order brides is true. It`s not about sex and love solely; it`s about life in general. These ladies do everything with great enthusiasm and involvement. They can`t be partially interested in something, otherwise what for to do it? They used to plunge into family or work and be ideal everywhere.

Why sexy Greek women chose foreigners?

Women of Greece adore their homeland and national traditions. Still, they prefer foreign men with their cultures to local grooms, as the last ones have rather bad tempers.

Unstable nature

There`s an illusion that Greek men are romantic, passionate lovers. It`s too far from the truth. They consider relationships as a competition where a woman is the Grand Prize. To get this prize, they`ll treat her like a goddess, being gentlemen, caring, and attentive partners who swear to love forever.

Unfortunately, such a fire dies as quickly as it was lightened, and wild love with passion turns into apathy and failed expectations. Actually, man loses his interest and looks for a new aim to achieve.

Greek woman

Superior attitude

Sexy Greek ladies still suffer from discrimination wrapped up in “conveying national traditions from ancient times.” It sounds quite noble, isn`t it? In reality, it`s nothing other than a cruel system that makes women be second in society. They don`t have as many opportunities as men, can`t be promoted to the same work positions. In some places, if you`ll ask a man how many children he has, he can answer something like “2 children and 1 kopelli,” which means 2 sons and a daughter talking about a wife.

Housework in Greece is always a female load to carry. Even if she has a job and physically isn`t able to get everything done in time, a partner won`t help her. They used to believe that it`s disgraceful for a man to do a woman`s work. It`s taken as a norm in society, so no one would blame him. Ironically, when a husband cheats her wife, she`s to be at fault, while her betrayal is unacceptable and won`t be excused.

How to handle willful Greek mail order brides

  • Be caring. As men in Greece are too flirty yet frivolous in their intentions, you`d better be the exact opposite to them. Show your true interest in the lady with all her problems or difficulties. Care about her, support her, try to help in any situation, just make her feel special.
  • Don`t push her. The best scenario for you is to make your special hot Greek woman realize your value and importance by herself. Don`t try to persuade or impose your point of view. Let the things come naturally, give her time to understand that you`re not pretending, and you won`t lose interest in a few weeks.
  • Take the lead. Though Greek women seem to be quite independent, they`re more likely to have the classical type of relationships where the man takes more responsibilities. Don`t expect her to make the first step and tell you what to do. She won`t even try to surpass you but will support your masculine manifestations.

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